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blister gel

The gel is fantastic for easily and quickly creating blisters and adds realistic gloss to burned skin, lacerations and other skin anomalies. 

To create blisters the water-soluble material is simply modelled between wetted fingers and applied to skin, smoothing the edges. If the effect dries simply re-wet. Can be used with plastic sealer, if required. 

Avoid the eyes. Washes off with soap and water. Available in a 30ml Jar.

blood paste

A thick mouldable blood-coloured paste that can be used for various effects. Similar in consistency to Blister Gel, it makes excellent blood blisters if used in the same way, or as here, with Congealed Blood and added black powder to create a severe burn.

Avoid the eyes and wash away with soap and water. Available in 30ml jars.

blood paste
burn gel

“Burn Gel is widely used in the special FX industry as a heavily pigmented gel that when applied to the skin or prosthetic is ideal for simulating severe burns. It has an ‘in the skin’ look that is incredibly effective and highly realistic.” (Red Carpet FX)

For simulating first degree burns by smoothing over the chosen area and allowing to dry.

Apply sparingly, avoiding the eyes. This vegan-friendly product washes off with plenty of soap and water. 30ml jar.

pustule filler
pus special effects makeup

This water-soluble filler is a synthetic pus simulation that is the perfect colour and texture for adding an infected look to wounds, spots, boils, burns and more. Incredibly realistic, safe and effective.

Avoid the eyes. Washes off with soap and water. This vegan-friendly product comes in a 30ml pack size.

wound filler

“Affordable and effective, it is a must have for makeup artist and bloody prosthesis.” (Precious About Makeup)

A non-drying washable paste for filling artificial wounds, adding depth and texture. This denser form of Problood® is also vegan-friendly.

Not to be used in the eyes. Wash off with soap and water. Available in Light or Dark shades in 50ml Jar.

tar special effects makeup

A black, viscous liquid for simulating dirty oil, grease or tar. Can also be used as black blood as in the RSC’s 2023 production of Julius Caesar and their trailer shown below from YouTube. Still non-staining despite its depth of colour and vegan-friendly.

Can be held in the mouth but avoid the eyes, wash off with soap and water. If Protar comes into contact with costumes, wash promptly. Do not soak or thin.

100ml bottle available in stores. Contact us here for larger sizes if required as black blood.


A soft, flesh-tone coloured modelling wax for noses and wounds, now available in Light and Dark versions. Also ideal for eyebrow blocking. Can be sealed with liquid latex or sealer, if required, for durability.

Work a pea-sized amount between the fingers and mould to the desired shape. Apply to skin smoothing the edges. Removed by peeling away large pieces of wax and washing with soap and plenty of water. Available in 25ml and 50ml jars.

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tar effect makeup
wound makeup

Glynn McKay | Other Special Effects Makeup