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"Problood continues to be the best blood in our theatres, from customising colours and textures to being washable and actor friendly, always a fantastic product and service." (Sandra Smith, Head of Wigs & Make up for the Royal Shakespeare Company)

Glynn McKay Problood
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“Still one of the best bloods in the industry. The go to brand for the makeup teams on Holby, and with good reason, as it's reasonable, non-staining and a good colour.” (Precious About Makeup)

Problood® has been medically checked for realism and has a proven track-record of registering well on television and film recordings. Our blood is popular among TV makeup artists for casualty simulation and is widely used on stage, including in vast quantities when called for.

A non-staining artificial blood, vegan-friendly and 100% realistic. Washable (if the fabric allows), but do not soak the garment ahead of washing as this could affect the dye removal process. We recommend you carry out a patch test in advance if heavy use is anticipated.

Safe to be held in the mouth but not to be used in the eyes. 

Available in 60ml and 100ml dropper bottles, 600ml and 1ltr bottles. Please contact us here for larger sizes.

Unusual colour variations are possible on request. Purple and black blood have been used on stage in recent years. See our Protar product for more detail.

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Here we see the Mycetes character in the RSC’s 2018 production of Tamburlaine whose white costume was washed after every performance and still came up perfect ready for the next show. (Please do test fabrics first if particularly heavy use is expected)

This link: tells of an actor’s thoughts on working with the 500+ litres of Problood used during the RSC’s run of Tamburlaine 2018.

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Thinning regular consistency Problood dilutes the colour, so to facilitate spraying or pumping, this thinner blood maintains the colour density. In 1ltr bottles.

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A thicker version of Problood. Its thixotropic characteristics ensure it stays in situ on swords, knives, bodies, etc during performance and recording. 600ml and 1ltr sizes.

All Problood® consistencies are available in Original and Dark shades. In close range Original simulates arterial blood and Dark is perfect to replicate venous blood. On film and stage please consider your lighting effects and request testers if required.

Also see our Wound Filler, an even thicker variant used in deep lacerations on skin or prosthetics.

 “Problood is a superior quality artificial blood that has supremely realistic pigmentation with true to life flow and consistency.” (Red Carpet FX)

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“I have been using Glynn McKay’s Congealed Blood and Bruise Gels and for as long as I have been a Make-Up Artist, around 23 years! As Series Designer at BBC Casualty it’s the only brand we use in these forms as it’s the best consistency and colour for Congealed Blood, plus the Bruise Gels are faultless in shades with the best sticking power, also perfect with our grade, they came out top in our screen test of similar brands!” (Kirstie Stanway, Series Make-up Designer, BBC Casualty)

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A dark thick, gloopy blood used to simulate coagulated cuts, gashes, blood blisters and grazing/abrasions. 

Excellent for personal Halloween and zombie effects in addition to professional makeup artist’s use on stage, TV and film. Red Carpet FX say our Congealed Blood is also used to create realistic looking bloody wounds for disaster drills and training exercises.

Following application, allow to dry a little to give a long-lasting dark thickened blood effect.  Not to be used in the mouth or eyes. Wash off with soap and water. Pack sizes: 30ml, 100ml, 350ml and 1ltr bottles.

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Our only product that is NOT washable! Perfect to apply to costumes especially and props to give the effect of freshly spilt blood that is permanent so, once dried, enabling the costume to be laundered (where the fabric allows) without having to reapply the blood effect for every performance. Also suitable for use in filming underwater scenes where the blood effect is not to disperse and on prosthetics of severed body parts. The colour shades of Dark and Original match Problood® exactly so the two can be used in combination, if required.

As used by the English National Opera Dye department. 250ml pack.

  Please Note this product is NOT a makeup and SHOULD NOT BE USED ON THE SKIN.

Limited availability in stores - please contact us here if you cannot find a stockist.

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Glynn McKay | Problood | Blood Special Effects Makeup