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“Glynn McKay Bruise Gels are an essential industry-famous product for the ultra-realistic simulation of skin injuries and anomalies. Its unique formula and properties make the colour appear in-the-skin which is ideal for use directly on skin or on prosthetic pieces.” (Red Carpet FX)

A starter kit of three gels in Red, Yellow and Blue which can be used alone or blended with each other to create all stages of bruising. Look for Glynn McKay Bruise Gels Kit in-store and online.

bruise special effects makeup
bruise makeup
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“I have been using Glynn McKay’s Bruise Gels and Congealed Blood for as long as I have been a Make-Up Artist, around 23 years! As Series Designer at BBC Casualty it’s the only brand we use in these forms as it’s the best consistency and colour for Congealed Blood, plus the Bruise Gels are faultless in shades with the best sticking power, also perfect with our grade, they came out top in our screen test of similar brands!” (Kirstie Stanway, Series Make-up Designer, BBC Casualty)

Our Bruise gels are great for creating bruise and broken-down effects on the skin. Colours can be used alone or in combination to simulate all stages of bruising and healing.

Apply very sparingly by dabbing it on - a little goes a long way! - avoiding the eyes. Additional applications will deepen the effect, if required. Washes off with soap and water. Available in stores in 30ml jars in nine colours, all of which are vegan-friendly. Contact us here for larger sizes.

The Stages of Bruise Colours...

fake bruise colours

“Brilliant! I use the red and purple most often, perfect for any special effects and can be used in different ways! Love the brand, love the formula, great price, lasts ages and will always repurchase!” (Emily F, Tilt Professional Makeup website review)

But don’t just think bruises! Other uses we’ve heard about…

fake sunburn effect

Blue - frostbite
Purple - most skin damage and abrasions
Red - use near new lacerations and injuries, burn simulations and irritation
Yellow - jaundice
Green - infection simulations
Dark Red - use near aged lacerations and injuries, severe burn simulations, heavy irritation of skin
Raw - sunburned, generally irritated and raw skin
Oil - closely matches the colour of oil, dirt simulation
Brown - darkening light skin, use around burns and lacerations

“What's my favorite bronzer for bare skin? It's actually a Bruise Gel (oh how I love the drippy horror lettering ... so evil) that I picked up at a theatrical shop in London. It has just the right amount of purple and brown in it to really make it look like you got sun.”  (Fiona Stiles on Instagram)

Creating new and old bruises using Glynn McKay Bruise Gels, a tutorial:

Band saw laceration using Wound Filler, Bruise Gels & Congealed Blood:

Glynn McKay bruise gel

Glynn McKay | Bruise Gel | Special Effects Makeup